FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS... Churro Co. is composed of childhood friend duo that originated from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. It all started with a shared vision of paying homage to traditional Mexican street foods. After years of planning, taste testing, and exploring; they both had a "eureka" moment one night while discussing what food reminded them of home; "Churros!" was the answer. Using this as inspiration, the two gave the traditional Churro a twist and introduced it to Austin, Texas in 2014. Their love for food, combined with Austin, Texas exploratory foodie spirit created the perfect incubator for a humble product with tons of passion behind it; we present to you Churro Co., we look forward to meeting you!


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Date Added 2020-05-22
Required Cities Any
Required States Gujarat, Maharashtra
Required Region North, East, South, West
Required territory NA
Set Up Cost nan
Investment Range 2-3L
Investment Includes NA
Franchisee Total Cost 350000.0
Rate of Interest 60.0
Minimum Area Required 100 sq.ft
Optimum Area Required 100 sq.ft
Other Needed Investment NA
Expected Payback Period NA
Expansion NA
Provided Support/Training Yes
Sector Domestic
Terms of Agreement 5 Years
Franchisee Contact Person NA
Franchisee Contact Number NA
Franchisee Contact Email NA

Agreement Details

5 Years